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Nicole's #StopAsianHate Vlog

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Michelle's Letter Essay to the CAPA NOVA

Michelle's Letter Essay to the Chinese American Parents Association of Northern Virginia:

Dear Chan Kim Hock,

Nicole on Anti-Asian Discrimination

I have never directly experienced discrimination for being Asian, but I know people that have. Of course, we all hear about those stories, but the gravity of the situation never hit me, until a month ago. A month ago, I heard about how a friend of a friend was involved in a hit and run, and how the victim later died from his injuries. What exactly did this person do to deserve to be so callously murdered?

Walk his dog.

He wasn't even on the road.

Katherine's #StopAsianHate Vlog

Katherine's Blog on Cultural Appreciation vs Cultural Appropriation

I haven't ever first hand experienced any racial discrimination, and until a couple months ago, I never really considered it. Seeing all these women being attacked for absolutely no reason hurts my heart. As I gained awareness towards this situation, I realized how much others experience this. My friends get made fun of for appreciating their cultures, for being able to speak their language, and so much more. It's truly saddening.

Lucy: #StopAsianHate Blog

When I first moved here to the United States at three years old. I knew my transition will be difficult as soon as I enter elementary school. I speak a few phrases in both English and Tagalog, but I thought my teachers would understand what I will be saying. Instead, I felt like an outsider. I felt like an “alien” because I was speaking in phrases mixed with two different languages. I had a few friends who helped me through the transition. Sometimes I would get pick on by the other classmates because of my eyes and how my face is shaped.

Farin: Growing Up AAPI

Growing up I always stood out in whatever setting I was placed in. Whether that be in group settings, classrooms or etc. As I grew up in neighbourhoods which lacked diversity, I understood then that this different I felt from the rest was not going to go away anytime soon.