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Something that I've learned to greatly appreciate is having had the opportunity to grow up in predominantly Asian American populated schools and communities. This meant that at a younger age, I looked like most everyone else in the classroom, with the exception of a slightly tanner skin tone compared to most of my Asian peers. Considering these circumstances, it's still sad to say that I've indirectly experienced violence and hatred against my community many times in my life. I think when it first hit me was seeing cashiers being unrightfully frustrated with my mom whenever we went out.

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Although I have never personally faced the injustice of AAPI hate to myself, a plethora of my peers and very good friends are a part of the community. It disgusts me to know that people are being attacked and discriminated against because of their race and ethnicity. When I moved to Syosset in the 6th grade, I always believed that I was in an accepting and diverse community, especially coming from a predominantly white elementary school. My expectations were ruined when finding out about an AAPI hate influenced attack that happened at one of the local middle schools.