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Depression: What Is it? What Do We Do About It?

            According to The World Health Organization, more than 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. This number only can tell us who has been diagnosed, but it is more than likely that more people than even that suffer from the mental disorder.

STEM in Women's Education

As society progresses technologically, it is of the utmost importance for women to learn about STEM – or science, technology, engineering, and math - related fields. Integration of information technology into women’s education is vital for the success of women around the world.

What is Anorexia? And What Do We Do About It?

According to Nationaleatingdisorders.org, approximately 20 million women in the United States alone suffer from some type of eating disorder, many from one termed "anorexia"? But what exactly is this disease? And how do we stop women from contracting it?

As It Stands

It is the year 2015, and around the world there are approximately 31 million girls out of school. 

Blindness vs. Sight - Looking at Gender Equality in Education

To think of how far we have come, right? I mean, we’ve reached the ostensible pinnacle of Western societal prosperity and tolerance, development and collaboration.

That sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Thing is, we often get stuck in our own perspectives. After all, we live in a beautiful nation centered on the ideals of freedom and equality…but is that the case everywhere?