#StandUpToGBV Program

What is the #StandUpToGBV Program?

The #StandUpToGBV Program of the Center of Public Safety for Women (CPSW) is a partnership between the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization eGirl Power and the Center for Public Safety (CPS) to combat GBV with a focus on Campus Safety for students enrolled in colleges and universities.

What is GBV?

“Gender-based Violence” describes the many forms of gender-based misconduct that occur in different contexts, including negative behaviors directed at an individual based on their gender or sex as well as behaviors that are sexual in nature.

The definition covers a wide range of misconduct—

  • • Verbal and physical actions
  • • Sexual harassment
  • • Sexual assault
  • • Rape
  • • Other forms of abusive behavior.

Ways to Get Involved

Visit RateMyCollege.org

A safe space to empower survivors to share their stories, spread awareness, and provide a community of empathy, unity and support.


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