#StandUpToGBV Program

What is the #StandUpToGBV Program?

The #StandUpToGBV Program of the Center of Public Safety for Women (CPSW) is a partnership between the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization eGirl Power and the Center for Public Safety (CPS) to combat GBV with a focus on Campus Safety for students enrolled in colleges and universities.

eGirl Power's #StandUpToGBV program goals are to "Educate, Empower and Elevate" Women, LGBTQ+ and all marginalized groups impacted by GBV to unite in efforts to #StandUpToGBV on college and university campuses.

What is GBV?

“Gender-based Violence” describes the many forms of gender-based misconduct that occur in different contexts, including negative behaviors directed at an individual based on their gender, gender expression, or sex as well as behaviors that are sexual in nature.

The definition covers a wide range of misconduct—

  • • Verbal and physical actions
  • • Sexual harassment
  • • Sexual assault
  • • Rape
  • • Other forms of abusive behavior.



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What are the goals of the #StandUpToGBV Program?


The #StopGBV program goals are to "Educate, Empower and Elevate" Women, LGBTQ+ and all marginalized groups disproportionately impacted by GBV to unite in efforts to #StandUpToGBV through these 3 core pillars:


Best Practices, Preparedness and Precautions for Campus Safety.


Raising Awareness and Calling for Action on various GBV-related issues.


Leadership opportunities for those who want to make a significant difference to #StandUpToGBV.


More About eGirl Power


This latest program is built upon the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization's three core pillars to "Educate, Empower, and Elevate" which has been featured in numerous publications including USA Today, Yahoo News!, The Official Harvard Site of Multiple Intelligences, Philanthropy Journal, and The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love.

eGirl Power has been featured in:

eGirl Power's programs have earned the endorsements and testimonials of distinguished leaders in the nonprofit and educational sector including top experts from Harvard University, Fordham University and Stony Brook University, as well as the Mayor of Oakland, Attorney General, CA State Controller and Emmy Award-Winning TV reporters.

Hear live testimonials from the eGirl Power Award Gala at The Yale Club NYC Grand Ballroom in Manhattan: