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eGirl Power is an IRS-approved 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to educate and support young girls through leadership skills development and career exploration with a focus on Cybersecurity and STEM.

The purpose of the eGirl Power AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) Initiative is to "Educate, Empower and Elevate" the AAPI community to unite efforts to #StopAsianHate.

eGirl Power's goals are to empower girls to improve their confidence, self-esteem, and achieve their full potential.

The key objective is to help girls identify and build upon their personal skills and talents, and prepare for college and career readiness through educational workshops, mentorship and more.

eGirl Power is created and led by a team of educators with collectively over 100 years of classroom experience.

What We Have to Offer

College and Career Readiness for Girls

eGirl Power helps girls to identify and build upon their personal skills and talents to strengthen their confidence and self-esteem. We do so through leadership skills development, career exploration, educational workshops, youth summits, mentorship and more.

eGirl Power has a simple and straightforward framework that involves the following core pillars:


eGirls learn and gain knowledge and experience for leadership skills development, career exploration and other key topics. As each and every individual is skilled and talented in different areas, our approach to building self-esteem and confidence in girls is to help them learn about and identify their unique strengths.


eGirl Power equips girls with the tools for success as they prepare for college and career readiness. eGirls can connect with like-minded individuals, share their personal experiences and stories with a supportive community, and unite with others to make a difference through community involvement and volunteer projects that also provide them with opportunities to grow as future leaders.


Mentorship with female role models to offer girls advice and guidance on leadership development, career exploration and self-empowerment.

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How eGirl Power works to "Educate, Empower and Elevate" the AAPI community to unite efforts to #StopAsianHate

How Girls Benefit

Instead of what we have to say, we’ll let the current eGirl Power members share with you how eGirl Power has helped them:

Why We Exist

Overcoming the Gender Gap

Girls and the Confidence Gap

Stark gender differences are evident when students express how they perceive their abilities; and data shows that a lack of confidence is negatively affecting girls in the classroom. Research suggests that low confidence among teenage girls will result in failing to achieve their professional potential as women. In fact, only one in three girls with low self-esteem is confident in having a successful career; and this low self-esteem drastically reduces the likelihood of girls to follow ambitious career paths.

The good news is that this is a trait that can be reversed with action. eGirl Power empowers girls to improve their confidence, self-esteem, and achieve their full potential.

Did You Know?
Girls who have participated in the eGirl Power program showed average gains of 20% or more improvement in self-esteem, as measured in self-esteem surveys provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

The Next Generation of Future Leaders

Research shows that self-esteem and confidence are key to fostering the next generation of future leaders and breaking the glass ceiling.

Females are underrepresented in leadership positions in the U.S. across all sectors and industries, and as it now stands, less than 5% of CEOs in the U.S. are females.

Overcoming the Double Bind

AAPI females also face the double bind of both the Bamboo Ceiling and the Glass Ceiling, as the most underrepresented group in leadership in the U.S. The eGirl Power AAPI Initiative works to overcome this double bind AAPI female underpresentation, and the misrepresentation of AAPI women in harmful, enduring stereotypes that contribute to the marginalization, invisibility, and oppression of AAPI females today.

Career Exploration

Educating girls and exposing them to career possibilities, especially in STEM and cybersecurity, at an early age is critical because young students start to form lasting opinions about potential future careers. In fact, 69 percent of women who have not pursued careers in information technology attribute their choice to not knowing what opportunities are available to them, as shared by the Computing Technology Industry Association. Investing in girls is key to narrowing the gender gap in STEM and cybersecurity.


Amy Mintz play video

As Founder of eGirl Power, Amy Mintz supervises, oversees and directs all affairs of the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. For the past 10+ years she has worked to drive the organization’s mission to educate and support the youth through signature events and programs with an award-winning team. more

Morgan Douglas

Morgan Douglas

Morgan has always had a strong passion to help others; she knows the opportunities education can give to girls worldwide that will make their lives better and their own. With education, you have opportunities and equality and with opportunities and equality you have a voice, which is something every girl, in every country should be given as a right.

Anna Rivera de Martinez

Anna Rivera de Martinez

Anna Rivera de Martinez has extensive experience as an educator in the Hawaii Department of Education Public Schools. She has worked directly with students in middle schools and high schools for over 30 years.

Wanda Samson

Wanda Samson

Wanda Samson supports disadvantaged families through placement into housing and guidance to improve their economic security.

Nicole Mahool

Nicole Mahool

Nicole Mahool currently serves as the Dean of Students at Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce in New York City. She has over 13 years of experience as a learning and education professional; and designs and leads educational programs that measurably increase student and staff performance.

Joyce Kong

Joyce Kong

Joyce Kong has taught students in Pre-K through 12 in New York City Public Schools since 2000. She is a founding teacher at the Millennium High School, an Adjunct Professor at PACE University, a Teacher Fellow of Pace University STEM Center Collaboratory, and a 2013 Math for America Master Teacher.

Maria Santiago-Valentin

Maria Santiago-Valentin

Maria Santiago-Valentín is a Learning Disabilities Consultant, Behavior Technician, Bilingual columnist and writer of the digital magazines My Trending Stories and Negocios Hispanos USA, Mindfulness practitioner and facilitator, mother of two daughters, and an environmental, education and social justice activist.


Dr. Malek Ben Salem play video

Malek Ben Salem, PhD was a fellow in New America’s Cybersecurity Initiative. Ben Salem is a cybersecurity researcher based in Washington, D.C. She leads a security research team at Accenture Labs, where her research focuses on behavioral biometrics, IoT security, data protection, security analytics, Blockchain, and cloud and mobile security. She has been a co-principal investigator on several DARPA projects, including active authentication and the Integrated Cyber Analysis System (ICAS). Ben Salem’s research has been featured in DarkReading, NeoworkWorld, and the New York Times, among others. She currently helps clients from various industries (critical Infrastructure, resources, financial services, etc.) adopt innovative security technologies to achieve real cyber risk reduction and to proactively adhere to digital ethics principles in order to earn client’s digital trust—going beyond a compliance-driven security approach. She is also developing AI-based security offerings. Ben Salem is deeply skilled in security vision and leadership, c-suite collaboration, research and development, technology strategy, data science, and security innovation. She has authored several peer-reviewed publications and patents.

Lysa Myers play video

Lysa Myers began her tenure in malware research labs in the weeks before the Melissa virus outbreak in 1999. She watched as the Internet grew from small, local bulletin board systems to the World Wide Web, and computer security incidents evolved from virtual urban myth to daily reality. As the landscape has changed, she’s seen how both cybersecurity hiring and education efforts have not quite kept pace, and created a talent gap that continues to widen.

Since then, Myers has used her experiences to help spread awareness of what people can do to maintain an effective security culture. As a Security Researcher for ESET, Vice Chair of CompTIA’s IT Security Community Executive Council, and a frequent contributor to security magazines such as Dark Reading and CSOonline, she continues to advocate for improvements in the security industry.

Chris Kubecka play video

Chris CEO of HypaSec. Previously, Chris headed the Information Protection Group, NOC, SOC & joint-international intelligence team for the Aramco family. Helping to recover Aramco from a nation-state attack, implementing digital security and reconnecting international business operations. Responsible for all digital IT and ICS assets throughout the EMEA region (minus KSA) and Latin America. Subsequently, establishing and assisting global digital security teams, standards, security driven legal contracts for secure software development with third parties, the Aramco EU/UK Privacy group with internal and external council and computer emergency response teams. Chris has practical and strategic hands-on experience in several cyber warfare incidents. USAF Space Command, detecting and helping to halt the July 2009 Second Wave attacks from the DPKR against South Korea and helping to recover and re-establish international business operations after the world’s most devastating cyber warfare attack, Shamoon in 2012. Expert advisor and panellist for several governments and parliaments.

Allan Luks

Allan Luks play video

Allan Luks is Founding Director of the Fordham Center for Nonprofit Leadership at Fordham University. A leading expert on volunteerism and named "Nonprofit Leader of the Year" by Crain's New York Business Magazine, he has directed major nonprofit institutions for four decades.


Lucia Kaiser

Kaiser is a two-time Emmy Award-Winning Producer whose years of experience scaling the heights of the entertainment industry has won her the respect, accolades, and camaraderie of socialites, business moguls, and celebrities who share her passion for affecting positive change.


Dr. Stephen Post

Stephen G. Post, Ph.D. is a renowned public intellectual, speaker, professor of preventive medicine, and best-selling author. He is Founding Director of the Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics at Stony Brook University School of Medicine.



Morgan Douglas

Morgan has always had a strong passion to help others. As someone who was privileged to gain a primary, secondary and college education, she knows the opportunities education can give to girls worldwide that will make their lives better and their own. With education, you have opportunities and equality and with opportunities and equality you have a voice, which is something every girl, in every country should be given as a right.


Geoffrey Huys, LFACHE

Geoffrey Huys has devoted his professional career to work in healthcare marketing, public relations and communications. During his career he has served healthcare systems in Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. He has worked extensively in market research, strategic planning, marketing/advertising, community relations, internal communications and public relations.


Becky Lodewyck

As a lifelong learner and educator, Dr. Becky Lodewyck’s driving belief is that education is the key to improving individual lives and supporting the social and economic success of our global community. From driving ongoing improvement in teaching and learning in her leadership roles within higher education to serving as a faculty member, the common theme threading through her work has been to drive ongoing improvement to make a difference in the lives of others.


Nancy Roman

Accomplished professional with a background in information technology, infrastructure operations, business strategy, IT transformation, service delivery, and vendor management. Presently serving as a volunteer for nonprofit organizations to make a positive impact in local communities.



Natasha Subbaraman


Farin Tabassum


Batool Shirazi


Maya Davis

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