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eGirl Power helps girls to identify and build upon their personal skills and talents to strengthen their confidence and self-esteem. We do so through leadership skills development, career exploration, educational workshops, youth summits, mentorship and more.

eGirl Power has a simple and straightforward framework that involves the following core pillars:


eGirls learn and gain knowledge and experience for leadership skills development, career exploration and other key topics. As each and every individual is skilled and talented in different areas, our approach to building self-esteem and confidence in girls is to help them learn about and identify their unique strengths.


eGirl Power equips girls with the tools for success as they prepare for college and career readiness. eGirls can connect with like-minded individuals, share their personal experiences and stories with a supportive community, and unite with others to make a difference through community involvement and volunteer projects that also provide them with opportunities to grow as future leaders.


Mentorship with female role models to offer girls advice and guidance on leadership development, career exploration and self-empowerment.

College and Career Readiness for Girls

Learn more about the #StopGBV

How eGirl Power works to "Educate, Empower and Elevate" females and other marginalized groups to unite in efforts to Stop Gender-based Violence (GBV)