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Sponsor a School

By sponsoring a school, you provide girls with the eGirl Power Program School Kit, complete with Curriculum for the Classroom including the comprehensive Educator’s Manual, a set of our Best-Selling Student Edition Books (30 copies), and a set of the Student Journal Workbooks (30 copies) and more. see what's included


You gain recognition in the community by branding your company with a good cause, boosting your visibility as a good corporate citizen, AND—


• Girls gain the confidence to succeed and reach their goals.

• Girls learn how they can pursue their dream careers, with a focus in STEM.

• Girls believe in themselves and their power to be leaders.




Sponsor a Girl

As shared by The Washington Post, low self-esteem is killing girls' academic success. Only 1 in 3 girls with low self-esteem are confident in having a successful career. This low self-esteem drastically reduces the likelihood of girls to follow ambitious career paths.


The great news is that this is a trait that can be reversed with action— YOUR ACTION.


Your contribution helps to make this program possible for young girls. eGirl Power participants show average gains of up to 20% improvement in self-esteem!


Any amount helps. With your contribution, you help to maintain eGirl Power's program to empower girls to improve their confidence, self-esteem and achieve their full potential.



Double Your Good

Did You Know?


• You can "Double Your Good" for both sponsoring a girl and sponsoring a school.


• Many employers sponsor matching gift programs to match charitable contributions made by their employees.


• Gifts from employees' spouses and retirees may also qualify for a match.


Find out if your employer has a matching gift program.


If you volunteer with us, your company may also offer a volunteer grant program.