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eGirl Power is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to bring awareness to Gender Equality and support Girls' Education.


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Girls and the Confidence Gap

Stark gender differences are evident when students express how they perceive their abilities; and data shows that a lack of confidence is negatively affecting girls in the classroom. Research suggests that low confidence among teenage girls will result in failing to achieve their professional potential as women. In fact, only one in three girls with low self-esteem is confident in having a successful career; and this low self-esteem drastically reduces the likelihood of girls to follow ambitious career paths.

This lack of confidence is found to detrimentally affect females not just in the classroom, but in the workforce as well. In the year 2016, women have never been more powerful than they are currently. They are making strides in every industry in the country. They are fighting for equality and opportunities that weren’t offered before, and they are winning. More than half of the workforce is comprised of women and they are receiving more college degrees than men. Yet, they represent only five percent of the Chief Executives of the largest companies in the United States. The reason being a “lack of confidence”. While women have the competence to compete for top-level jobs, often their confidence is the factor holding them back.

The great news is that this is a trait that can be reversed with action.

eGirl Power empowers girls to improve their confidence, self-esteem, and achieve their full potential.

Self-esteem surveys completed by girls in the eGirl Power program
showed average gains of 20% improvement in self-esteem

College and Career Readiness for Girls

The eGirl Power program is designed to provide opportunities for participants to identify and build upon their personal skills and talents to strengthen their self-confidence. We do so through educational workshops, youth summits, mentorship and more, as well as “Career Day” field trips for the eGirl Power Club and leadership skill-building activities for the eGirl Power Junior Council.


eGirl Power inspires girls with role models from a wide range of industries, sharing with girls the many possibilities for future career fields and success.


Guest speakers, mentors and educators guide girls to explore a variety of potential college majors and career paths so they can make informed educational and career choices.


As each and every individual is skilled and talented in different areas, our approach to building self-confidence among girls is to help them learn about and identify their unique strengths.


eGirl Power equips girls with the tools for success as they prepare for college and career readiness.

Your contribution helps to make this service possible for young girls.

With your donation, you have the opportunity to make a difference.

eGirl Power is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.