Akshita's Blog on Racist Asian Stereotypes

When I was younger I guess I didn’t notice or realize any racial comments made towards me. But recently, in the past couple of years, I have noticed more and more everyday. Where it was towards me or toward someone else around me.

One instance was in school. When a kid in my class decided to go around the class and ask every Asian kid in the class if their parents were doctors. When he asked me I said “no, they were not”. To this he replied, so “I guess then your parents were a disappointment to your grandparents huh.” I immediately felt weird about the whole conversation. But he didn’t stop there he proceeded to say “you know maybe that is why you are dumb for an Indian kid”. I left the room and ever since then it has always stuck with me. As time went on I realized how racist those things were, and how inconsiderate he was and how he was completely fine with racially discriminating people.