Anna's Blog on Anti-Asian Sentiments

My dad was born to two Chinese immigrants, but he was born in Minnesota and grew up in Missouri, so he is 100% percent American. My mom, on the other hand, grew up in Belgium, and immigrated to the United States when she was in her 20s, so she has a noticeable Flemish accent. From their first interactions, any person would know that my mother is not of this country. Yet, in their professional lives, my dad, on multiple occasions, has been told to “go back to his country”, while my mom has only ever been kindly asked as to where she is from.

Nicole's #StopAsianHate Vlog

Michelle eGirl Power Video Presentation

Michelle's Letter Essay to the CAPA NOVA

Michelle's Letter Essay to the Chinese American Parents Association of Northern Virginia:

Dear Chan Kim Hock,

Nicole on Anti-Asian Discrimination

I have never directly experienced discrimination for being Asian, but I know people that have. Of course, we all hear about those stories, but the gravity of the situation never hit me, until a month ago. A month ago, I heard about how a friend of a friend was involved in a hit and run, and how the victim later died from his injuries. What exactly did this person do to deserve to be so callously murdered?

Walk his dog.

He wasn't even on the road.


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