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Although I have never personally faced the injustice of AAPI hate to myself, a plethora of my peers and very good friends are a part of the community. It disgusts me to know that people are being attacked and discriminated against because of their race and ethnicity. When I moved to Syosset in the 6th grade, I always believed that I was in an accepting and diverse community, especially coming from a predominantly white elementary school. My expectations were ruined when finding out about an AAPI hate influenced attack that happened at one of the local middle schools.

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Akshita's Blog on Asian Hate

Prior to watching these videos, I have only seen a few other videos on social media that have showcased this type of racial profiling and violence. Social media does not allow these issues and information to be vocalized like other issues. I think that that is the biggest issue! These videos showcased so many cases where people in the AAPI community were called unacceptable slurs where people made stereotypic comments towards them. These might seem small but are very hurtful and should not be tolerated. Verbal abuse is just as scarring and painful as physical abuse!


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