Linsey's Blog on Asian American Discrimination and Racism

Unfortunately as an Asian American, discrimination and racism are not unusual contrivances in life. My experiences have been both indirect and direct, however both still convey and promote these derogatory stereotypes about AAPI people. For instance, in my district, one of the middle schools had an incident where an Asian 6th grader was verbally abused by a few of his fellow Caucasian classmates. They shouted phrases at him such as "Go back to China" or "COVID-starter ." Subsequently, it caused a huge uproar in my community, especially the other Asians but in the end, I was told that the kids who enacted this hate didn't receive punishments. Another time when I encountered racism was when I was out with my friends in their neighborhood. As we were walking, a little girl, as young as 6 years old, called us racial slurs out of her window as we passed her house. This demonstrates just how pervasive ignorance and undiscplined racism is, to the extent that young children engage in these discriminatory actions. I truly think that AAPI hate needs to be properly addressed and taught much more adequately and appropriately, and that egirlpower can work to achieve these steps to a life closer to the unification and integration of races.