Katherine's Blog on Cultural Appreciation vs Cultural Appropriation

I haven't ever first hand experienced any racial discrimination, and until a couple months ago, I never really considered it. Seeing all these women being attacked for absolutely no reason hurts my heart. As I gained awareness towards this situation, I realized how much others experience this. My friends get made fun of for appreciating their cultures, for being able to speak their language, and so much more. It's truly saddening.

A couple weeks ago, these girls who went to my rival school had a Japanese themed party. Instead of appreciating the culture, they mocked it by wearing wigs with chopsticks in them, wearing kimonos on top of ripped jeans, and then posting about it. When I saw it, I was shocked. I was even more appalled by their responses towards people who spoke up about it, and I realized how inconsiderate and blind people are to racial discrimination.