10 Movies, Talks and Books that will get you talking about Girl Power

Gender equality and girl empowerment have been in the agenda of many social movements worldwide – the latest example is the fact that reaching gender equality was established as one of UN’s Global Goals, a movement launched this September aimed at developing a fairer and more sustainable society.

One of the best outcomes of those movements is that they not only get to directly impact and change the lives of millions of girls and women, but they also help generate a conversation around the issue and help a generation of today’s girls all over the world to be much more conscious and active about it.

Educating our girls about gender equality is one of the main tools to reach a fairer society in the future and all of us can be a part of the movement. Feel like getting inspired? Here are 10 movies, talks and books to get you talking about girl power:


1. Documentary: Miss Representation, Jennifer Siebel Newsom

Excellent material on how the way media represents women has been shaping the way we feel about our bodies, our goals and our role in society and politics. One of my favorite things about it is that it draws attention to a less obvious gender discrimination behavior – such as the way reporters refer to women politicians or details on the use of words that end up shaping the view that the audience – women included – feel about ourselves.


2. Girl Rising, Richard E. Robbins

The movie, a hybrid between documentary and fiction shows a clear relation on the impact that education can have on the live of girls in developing countries. By taking us to the day-to-day struggles of 9 girls in 9 different countries, we realize how these girls have dreams, goals and expectation just as any of us and how relevant it is to give them the opportunity to fully live them.                                  http://girlrising.com/see-the-film/

3. Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi & Vincent Paronnaud

A beautiful animation based on the autobiographic comic book of Iranian Marjane Satrapi. The movie shows the evolution of Marjane, a 8 year old girl when the Shah leaves power in Iran and how the changes that happen on society in the following years drive Marjane to step up and fight for what she believes in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bT3iLJpdLRs


1. We should all be feminists, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Inspiring talk by the Nigerian novelist and academic, where she tells the struggles and challenges of being a woman in her country – stories that we can all immediately relate to – and the importance of changing the way we teach girls and boys about gender roles as it is a key tool to reach gender equality.


2. He for She UN speech, Emma Watson

Emma Watson’s speech to launch the “He for She” UN campaign where she stresses the importance of both women and men to be engaged on the efforts to become a more equal society is moving and inspiring.

The importance of the actress’ participation in this campaign is huge. By using her popularity and empathy, Emma not only helps bring voice to a worldwide campaign, but she makes it gain relevance with a younger audience.


3. Malala’s Nobel Prize speech, Malala Yousafzai

Only 17, the Pakistani girl and youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate, Yousafzai Malala, has been one of the greater voices on the right of girls in developing countries to have access to education. Shot at the age of 15 for asking for this right, her book “He Named Me Malala” and the recently released homonymous movie are also a great resource of inspiration on the topic.


4. Violence against women – It’s a men’s issue, Jackson Katz

A different perspective on gender inequality, as it is one of the few times we get to see it through a man’s eye. Jackson Katz, anti-sexist activist shares his thoughts on the importance on men getting into the debate on gender roles and violence against women.



1. My First Book of Girl Power, by DC Comics

Inspired by the strength of feminist movements, DC Comics has launched a book where the super-heroes, all girls, talk about their varied super-powers. The interesting thing about this book is that, besides being highly appealing to young girls, by using visuals and a language that they’re used to, it enhances the variety and diversity of the “super powers” in a way that characters we all know, such as Bat Girl or Wonder Woman, are displayed as complex, interesting and multi-layered women. 

2. The Beauty Myth, by Naomi Wolf

Though published for the first time in 1991, this book could not be more relevant today. It has been considered as an obligatory read for every woman, as it touches, through powerful data, astonishing facts on how women around the world are being influenced by media’s imposed beauty standards and how dangerous this influence can be.

3. How to Be a Woman, by Caitlin Moran

An incredibly light, ironic and human book that approaches modern women every day challenges’ in an unique way. The book goes through different subjects, from the workplace to media with a funny, yet critical perspective. A great way to see how gender inequality is, unfortunately, a bigger part of our lives then we normally think.  


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