Amy Mintz, Founder

Amy Mintz



  • Nonprofit Founder     
  • PIFA Gala Chair     
  • Best-Selling Author
  • Executive Producer   
  • Graduate Studies in Education and Cybersecurity Policy
as seen on
Dr. Howard Gardner's Official Authoritative Site of Multiple Intelligences

Amy Mintz was recently featured as a Guest Writer by Dr. Howard Gardner on his Official Site of Multiple Intelligence. (Dr. Howard Gardner is the developmental psychologist and Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education who developed the Theory of Multiple Intelligences). Her blog, Using Multiple Intelligences Theory to Understand Your "Superpowers" discusses MI9 Team superheroes and the effectiveness of the multiple intelligences to increase self-esteem in youth.

Mintz and her 501(c)3 nonprofit organization have also been featured in numerous other publications including the Philanthropy Journal and The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love.


Best-Selling Author

Mintz and her book were featured on Dr. Gardner's Official Harvard Site of Multiple Intelligences. Learn more about the Superhero 9 edutainment series to educate and entertain the youth with superheroes, multiple intelligences and more.

Executive Producer

View Mintz's Reel for videos with:
3D & animation;
film trailers & teasers;
on-site events;
interviews with celebs, notables and more.

Gala Chair

Mintz co-chaired the PIFA Awards Gala, which was held in the Yale Club NYC Grand Ballroom and awarded several distinguished honorees. See photos and videos from the gala.



Education & Cybersecurity

With Graduate Studies in Education and Cybersecurity Policy, Mintz is helping youth explore cybersecurity basics and career possibilities, and learn best practices for staying safe and secure online.


See more events held and organized by Mintz and her team, including the Gala, Film Screenings, Community Events, Youth Summits & Educational Workshops, Scholarship Contests and more.

Nonprofit Founder

Mintz founded the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2011 to support the youth and education. Learn more about the Founder here.