Rahul Kashyap


About Rahul Kashyap

Rahul has a proven track record of establishing and building disruptive cyber security companies. Prior to Awake, Rahul was the Global CTO at Cylance, a pioneer of AI-based security. He drove the vision and strategy that led to major disruption of the endpoint security market. Before that, Rahul was EVP of products at Bromium, a leading endpoint virtualization-based security start-up. He was also a key leader at McAfee driving the advancement of the Network Intrusion Prevention technology. Rahul sits on multiple advisory boards and has actively worked with several government agencies to prevent cyberattacks. Rahul is a frequent keynote speaker, author of numerous security publications and was named one of Silicon Valley’s 40 under 40.

Interview with eGirl Power

Rahul Kashyap, President & CEO of Awake Security, mentors girls with eGirl Power. This video highlights talking points from his interview.

What the Youth is saying about Rahul Kashyap:

"After I took the mi9 assessment quiz and found out my results, I learned that I had the same character traits and multiple intelligence as Mr. Rahul; I hope to be just like him in the future." — Ali

"…he’s a real life superhero that is making the world a better place through tech." — Jasmine

"I was really inspired and think that Mr. Kashyap is a really cool cybersecurity leader. It’s amazing that he knows so much about AI because AI could keep us all safe from bad people." — Nisha